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Lawn Care in Birmingham, ALLawn Care & Maintenance Services in Birmingham, AL!

Your Birmingham area home will look spectacular with a well-maintained, lush green, weed free lawn surrounding it. Not only will your neighbors be green with envy, a beautiful lawn will also be an important setting for many summer birthday parties, cookouts, and junior’s first game of catch with dad.
These treasured moments can be diminished, even ruined, and your house far less attractive, with the look of a poorly maintained, weed filled, scraggly or patchy old lawn.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

So why put up with less than a beautiful, plush, family orientated lawn and landscape?

It should not be cost – Lawn care services are affordable and Southern Green Lawn & Shrub Care provides great value for your money. But a fabulous lawn with healthy, dense turf doesn’t  happen overnight or by accident.  That is why you need a plan!

Southern Green Lawn & Shrub Care provides a consistent well-managed lawn care program to prevent or eliminate weeds while building a lush, green lawn. We also provide our customers a preventative maintenance program with free service calls because even the most meticulously cared for lawns can occasionally have issues with spittle bugs, dollar spot fungus, or weeds. Rest assured, Southern Green has a solution for whatever Mother Nature throws at your lawn and we respond in a timely manner.

Our year round 8 application comprehensive lawn care program provides our Birmingham area customers with everything their lawn needs to stay healthy, lush and green:

  • Proper Fertilization
  • Timely Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control
  • Insect Control – Turf Damaging
  • Disease Control – As Needed
  • Free Service Calls

    For exact information on a lawn care program for your lawn, Request a Free Lawn Analysis and Estimate

    Don’t forget, we can also handle any of your lawn maintenance needs.

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