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Southern Green Lawn & Shrub Care – Birmingham, AL

At Southern Green Lawn & Shrub Care, we value our customers and the work we do for them. Locally owned and operated in Birmingham, Al, we have over 9 years experience in lawn and shrub care. We are licensed in the state of Alabama for Ornamental Turf and Pest Control, and we are constantly continuing our education in the green industry. We have a vast amount of knowledge to many different types of lawn and landscape weeds and insect pest. Please feel free to send us an email of any specific questions or problems you are dealing with.
Our personalized service is far superior to national services that promise but simply cannot deliver. We are your neighbors. We return phone calls, we keep appointments, and we want your business. We will not bother you with endless phone calls or junk mail. Our company will not sell you something that your lawn does not need. If you are looking for a local lawn care professional in Birmingham and surrounding areas, then please give us a call at 205-413-2847

We look forward to hearing from you!

Southern Green Lawn and Shrub Care
Jeff Green. owner of Southern Green Lawnand Shrub Care is State Certified in ornamental turf pest control and a specialist in tree & shrub care. Using some of the best fertilizers and pre-emergent weed controls available today, Southern Green Lawn & Shrub Care provides lawn and tree & shrub fertilization, liquid aeration and soil amendments such as lime treatments to adjust the soil’s pH level. We also have great programs for the treatment and prevention of fungus and diseases and turf damaging insects such as fire ants, spittlebugs, fleas and ticks. We also have a mosquito control program for the summer months. With our expertise we are able to custom tailor a program that will help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, weed free lawn. We can also design a custom Pest Control Program for your home.